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> > Simms Headwaters BOA Wading Boot.

StrmanglrJune 28th, 2019, 2:37 pm
Posts: 156
After about ten years my old Simms boots have hit retirement. Cracked outsides, inside sole comes out in one boot, laces all jacked, it was time, probably past time. They were felt sole w studs, worked great and was impressed the life I got out of them. Think I paid $140 for em.

The Simms did well, so I went back to them. Looked at Korkers, I just don't trust that bottom tread.

I was leary of the BOA lacing system. After reading many reviews and understanding the strength and serviceability of it, I pulled the trigger.

One of my biggest complaints about stocking foot waders is putting the boots on and off and the time it takes. The lacing up in the cold months.
The reviews said the BOA system remedies that.

Had them out for the first time last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They go on easy and fast and come off even faster. Just step in and give the dial a couple revolutions and you're good to go. Getting them off is so easy. Pull the dial out and step out of the boot, it's that fast and easy.

I wear a size 9 shoe. Bought size 10 boot. They felt a little big. Last boots I had were a 10 though. They are plenty comfortable, better than the last pair. Lighter than the last pair too.

I was on a river that had a lot of rocks about 8"-10". That combined w a strong current and I was losing my footing. Couple times I felt myself sliding across the bottom just a bit. Not good. They will take metal studs and when I got into town on Monday I hit the local fly shop and got a set. I didn't have the tools to put them in though, so that testing is yet to come.

Overall, my first impression is a strong one and I think I'll be happy w these for another ten years or so hopefully.

A side note, I exchanged my waders at Cabelas for a brand spanking new pair, no cost. They were just over a year old. Had the receipt. The guy at Cabelas told me since Bass Pro Shops bought them out, their waders now only have a year warranty. Which in my head I thought, that's fine, I'll see you before the year is up. He exchanged mine because they were bought before the buyout.

I can't seem to make it more than half a dozen times out before my waders start leaking. I don't get it, friend has had his waders for two years, no problems. I've had waders leak second or third time out. Wish waders held up as well as boots.
PartsmanJune 28th, 2019, 2:50 pm
bancroft michigan

Posts: 420
Strmanglr, I have the orvis boa boots, after 2 years I had to replace the laces, or I should wire. No big deal and I do like the dial, no complaints, I do have the orvis silvesonic waders, I have had them for about 3 years now, greatest pair of waders I have ever had! I beat the crap out of all my gear, and waders take the worst of it. I love the silver sonics, and yea they expensive but cripe these things have really taken a beating, and still not one drop of water! As a side note I fished the S.B. Ausable river wedsenday, all day, till 12:30 am still no hex, yet a great day.
StrmanglrJune 28th, 2019, 5:35 pm
Posts: 156
When I got my first set of breathables, I got them w boot attached. Leaked second time out. Took them back to Dundee, got stocking foot waders with those Simms boots I just replaced. Those stocking foot Cabelas brand leaked third time out. Back to Dundee. Upgraded again after getting a little pissy about having to return leaky waders.

Got $340 Simms waders, thought hell yeah, leaks are a thing of the past. Within 6 times out, leak. The early leaks are never severe. I thought well, I know how to patch, they have a lifetime warranty through Simms. When they get so bad, I'll send them in on warranty. Sure enough, after about six-7 years I sent them in and got new ones. Well, my replacements are fubar for about a year and a half ago. I keep a back up pair always. Which is what I replaced last year.

Like I said, don't get it, I'm thin as a rail, so I'm not overstuffing them. Two things I can think why they fail so fast on me. 1, they don't always dry out right away after use and 2, I have always had great flexibility since I was a kid and climbing in and out of rivers in maybe not the easiest place is stretching the seams too much.

I can't believe Simms has waders priced at $850. But you feel the fabric and it's like nothing else.

Fished the S.B. on Tuesday day. River is messed up. The thought ran through my head that, I'm not going back up until the water has been settled for a week. I went up Sun-Tues. Sunday was great for weather, Monday rain most of the day. Arrghh

Good to be in the water.

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