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WlsDecember 31st, 2016, 7:12 am
Posts: 1Hello from Indiana. Been doing this about 3 yrs now. Took 3 lessons from Flymasters of Indianapolis. Have a 5 and 8 wgt rod.
Haven't been to Brockville, Indiana yet due to health, open heart last year and knee this year. Hopefully 2017 will be kinder.
I'm in my early 70's, retired and have a good fishing partner.
Looking forward to gaining knowledge from you all.

Anyone been to Brookville, what kind of set up should I have? Do I need waders?
WbranchJanuary 1st, 2017, 5:19 am
York & Starlight PA

Posts: 2733
Welcome Wls,

In my opinion you normally need some kind of wading apparel if you want to have good fishing and the ability to move around in the river. It obviously all depends on the width and depth of the waters you are fishing.

If the stream is shallow and is rarely deeper than 3' you can probably do just fine with a good pair of felt soled hip boots. If it is deeper and you want to sit down along the bank to rest once in awhile I would recommend waist waders. With them you can easily wade in water 3 - 3 1/2' deep and sit down anywhere and not get your pants wet and dirty.

If there are many areas where the water is 3' - 4' deep it is always best to buy a good pair of breathable chest waders and get a good pair of wading shoes. Although some people prefer boot foot waders where the boot/shoe is attached to the bottom of the wader. They are much easier to put on and take off but they offer virtually no ankle support.

Catskill fly fisher for fifty-five years.
LastchanceJanuary 1st, 2017, 6:37 am
Portage, PA

Posts: 437
Hello, WLS. Waders are a must or at least hip waders.
Jmd123January 2nd, 2017, 3:58 pm
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2611
I'll just throw my 2 cents in here...

Welcome WLS! The only comment I have is that I skip waders entirely during the warm summer months. Once the temps get over about 75-80 F and the water is above ice cold, I just wear wet wading shoes and a pair of swim trunks, and a t-shirt with my Orvis Sling pack over it. I can't wear a lot of gear in warm, humid weather, and on those warm muggy summer nights, few things feel better than trout stream water flowing past my legs.

The rest of the year, though, waders are a necessity when it's too cold to do the above. And you might even want two different pairs, one a lighter weight for spring and fall, and a heavier pair for the cold winter months if you are inclined to flyfish then (like thick neoprenes). Without waders, you are either confined to shore, or a boat. I do have several flyfishing spots that I fish from shore or my kayak, but on a trout stream lined with trees and shrubs, you gotta get in the water sooner or later...

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...
WbranchJanuary 5th, 2017, 10:45 am
York & Starlight PA

Posts: 2733
Wading wet does have it's advantages in warm weather just be sure there are no Candiru present in the waters where you plan to wade wet.
Catskill fly fisher for fifty-five years.
Jmd123January 5th, 2017, 7:13 pm
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2611
Another hazard of wet-wading is leeches. Not a common occurrence - in all my life spent frolicking in the water for whatever reason I've only gotten five (5). I've had that many bee stings in one day - of course, we were robbing their honey...nevertheless, they won't get you if you're in the main current, they don't swim that well, but beware any soft mucky spot around the edges, that's where I got my last one. I warned my students this summer and no one got any - just their instructor one night while being distracted by a 12" rainbow...

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...

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