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> > Brown Drake pattern - cripple

OzzieJuly 15th, 2008, 7:30 pm
Posts: 2Anyone have a good example of what I've heard referred to as a Quigley's Cripple? Supposed to imitate a Brown Drake cripple. Any help would be much appreciated!!
TaxonJuly 16th, 2008, 12:10 am
Site Editor
Royse City, TX

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The following pattern, which is called Rainey's Cripple Brown Drake, is tied Quigley Cripple style, and imitates a Brown Drake. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Gonzo has a better imitation.

Best regards,
Roger Rohrbeck
GONZOJuly 16th, 2008, 8:21 pm
Site Editor
"Bear Swamp," PA

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To compliment the photo that Roger provided, here's a link that includes tying instructions for the Quigley Cripple style:

As for Roger's generous comment about my patterns, I do have some that imitate Brown Drake nymphs, emergers, duns, and spinners. But I wouldn't say that they are better, just a bit more accurate (perhaps) and a bit more complicated to tie. I would recommend starting with the Quigley style or even something a little simpler. I have always advocated using the simplest fly that will work in a given situation. You can always make it more elaborate, but if the simpler tie works, there's no need to get fancy (unless you just enjoy it).

Speaking of "cripples," I'll share something that a friend told me recently. He was discussing fly patterns with another Pocono fisherman (in a bar, I believe) when the fellow commented that he was surprised that I didn't design any "cripple" patterns. When I told my friend that I tie lots of emergers and asked him what the difference was, he shrugged his shoulders and said "Exactly!" with a wry smile. I suppose one could say that an emerger pattern represents an emerging insect and a cripple represents those that will not emerge successfully, but it begs the question of how the trout could possibly know the difference. I guess my emergers just look too healthy! :)
OzzieJuly 16th, 2008, 9:04 pm
Posts: 2Gentlemen,
Thank you for the examples and thoughts. You are both very experienced and I thank you for sharing the information. The cripple seems to present an advantage over the emerger, in the fact that it is "stuck" and relatively helpless. As long as the fish prefer them - I don't care what they are termed. I'll try the pattern as suggested - keeping it simple. Most appreciated!
Thanks again,

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