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Discuss photography equipment and techniques, and share your best fishing pictures.
TitleRepliesLast Reply
New Brunswick Brookies
May 16, 2007 by Greenghost
6May 28, 2007
by Greenghost
Shawn's Cicada Ties
May 8, 2007 by Shawnny3
4May 19, 2007
by Martinlf
Underwater Camera Comparison
Apr 6, 2007 by Troutnut
1Apr 7, 2007
by JAD
Fishing photography
Oct 24, 2006 by Carver
4Apr 6, 2007
by Troutnut
fidgety fish
Feb 23, 2007 by CaseyP
Some brownies from BG
(3 more)

Feb 20, 2007 by Stanislav
8Feb 22, 2007
Niangua River
Feb 12, 2007 by Sirhoops23
1Feb 12, 2007
by Troutnut
Nice Cut
Feb 12, 2007 by Sirhoops23
Pics for web
Dec 27, 2006 by Shawnny3
12Jan 23, 2007
by Troutnut
yellow trout
Dec 17, 2006 by Rdd
4Dec 20, 2006
by Upnorth2
Northern Caddis fly Pattern
Dec 17, 2006 by Troutnabout
4Dec 17, 2006
by Troutnut
New State Record Cutt. (Not really, but still nice)
Dec 8, 2006 by Gripngrin
4Dec 9, 2006
by DMM
Pat Clayton - The Fish Eye Guy
Dec 6, 2006 by Gripngrin
1Dec 6, 2006
by Troutnut
New photography forum section
Dec 3, 2006 by Troutnut
2Dec 3, 2006
by Troutnut
Stunning Photos
Nov 29, 2006 by Martinlf
2Nov 30, 2006
by Troutnut
Bug bellies
Nov 26, 2006 by Martinlf
1Nov 27, 2006
by Troutnut
Photograqphy questions from Konchu
Nov 25, 2006 by Gripngrin
3Nov 25, 2006
by Troutnut
Photograpy Rig
Sep 14, 2006 by Sundula
1Sep 14, 2006
by Troutnut
What are they doing to each other?
Jun 7, 2006 by Willy
1Jun 8, 2006
by Taxon
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