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ColoradoKenOctober 24th, 2017, 6:53 am
Granby, Colorado

Posts: 14
Hello all, i am seeking more information on the species of trout known as Ohrid Brown trout or simply Ohrid trout. Ive been fascinated with these fish since a presumed encounter on the north platte river in Wyoming below pathfinder Res. Ill share what little ive found out below via some links.

Im thinking that there is still a population on Ohrid trout in pathfinder res and also in the river below, specifically, maybe, the canyon stretch where the water becomes very deep and currents more lake like.

I also think ive encountered, through the process of catch and release, an Ohrid trout or two on or near private fishing ranches sections of the colorado river. Or.. more likely maybe, ive encountered brown trout/ohrid trout hybrids.

I wonder, for curiosity's sake, if hatchery Ohrid trout and/or Hybrids are available for purchase in america today. Cant seem to locate any hatchery "catalogs" or the like to comb through.

Here is a pic of my good friends daughter with a beautiful brown id say "looks" ohrid, to me anyway.

Tight Lines,
Jmd123October 24th, 2017, 9:44 am
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2611
Ken, the trout of Lake Ohrid, on the border between Albania and Macedonia if I'm not mistaken, are described and illustrated in James Prosek's Trout of the World. This is a beautiful book and should be on the shelf of anyone interested in the trout found elsewhere besides the US, and the variety is staggering!

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...
TroutnutOctober 24th, 2017, 11:26 am
Bellevue, WA

Posts: 2737
Interesting post Ken. I fixed the links and picture for you.
Jason Neuswanger, Ph.D.
Troutnut and salmonid ecologist
ColoradoKenOctober 24th, 2017, 1:40 pm
Granby, Colorado

Posts: 14
thanks jason. Jonathon, ill put that book on my list to read this winter, thanks.
Tight Lines,
IasgairOctober 24th, 2017, 4:31 pm

Posts: 148
Wow. That is something special no matter how you look at it. Nice size fish she is holding.

I have never heard of such a trout, and it surely doesn't belong here, but neither does the brown, rainbow, or brookie, just to name a few. But I'm not complaining. It's a beautiful fish no matter what.

Good job catching it, and I hope you find someone who has the answers to this fish mystery. And if you do, tell us about it.

Thanks for posting this.

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