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Millcreek has attached these 4 pictures. The message is below.
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Shown Full Size
Male 3.5 mm, excluding cerci.
Male 3.5 mm, excluding cerci.
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Female 4mm, excluding cerci.
Female 4mm, excluding cerci.
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Male 3.5 mm, excluding cerci.
Male 3.5 mm, excluding cerci.
MillcreekSeptember 17th, 2015, 6:25 pm
Healdsburg, CA

Posts: 356
These nymphs were identified to genus using Merritt, Cummins and Berg (2008) as well as Buglab's "Key to Western Baetidae". They were keyed to species using Day's "New Genera of Mayflies From California" 1955, where it is described as Paracloeodes abitus (a synonym of Paracloeodes minutus). These were found in the Russian River, CA.

It's found in warm shallow water with a substrate of small gravel with a medium amount of algae attached. It's usually found in September.

The main ways of telling it apart from the other Baetidae are smaller size (3.5 - 4 mm), the claws being half the length of the tarsi and a labium shaped as shown above.

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