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KonchuJune 12th, 2012, 10:17 pm
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any concerns about eye protection using UV headlamps? I plan to use uv light extensively later this summer to do night collecting.
JOHNWJune 13th, 2012, 8:01 pm
Chambersburg, PA

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I don't know if the comercialy available headlamps would be powerful enough to do damage just don't shine the beam directly into any ones eyes to be safe. We used high intensity stage lights and they were hung 40-50' up in the air and always pointed so the light was coming from behind our customers.
"old habits are hard to kill once you have gray in your beard" -Old Red Barn
ShantiJune 15th, 2012, 1:57 am

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Any UV-light that we can see is pretty harmless.
If we can see it, it means that our eye adjusts itself, in other words protects itself.
The UV-rays from, for example, the sun we can't see and the eye can't protect itself.

Yet, staring into a lightsource for any long periods of time, isn't a good idea. In wintertime, we do a lot of fishing with orange egg patterns around here. My most effective pattern is an orange tungsten bead, covered by orange UV-glue. My friends decided, the lazy bastards, the mine were the best looking ones, so I ended up spending a couple of days with glue and a UV-torch.
Not that healthy at all.
The coming winter they will have to do their own. And since their versions are far more ugly, I will catch more rainbows. Not that I'm counting fish that often, but this time I see it as some kind of revenge.
Somewhere, right now, a fish is rising.
And youre at the computer..

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