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McflyanglerJanuary 26th, 2017, 7:22 am
New Mexico, United States

Posts: 35
HAHA well ok so your "work" is fun, so I probably wouldnt subscribe to that notion if my job was your job... I do web design, so I am inside, on a computer, working on code like you see in the matrix movie... HAHA

Yes, wader pieces on a fly, good thinking! HAHAHAHA I think we invented a new fly for the San Juan! We shall call it "the waiter". No its just they are so accustom to fishermen being there, they come up and nip at your feet because you are string up the bottom and getting the bugs free for them to eat. They fallow you nipping at all the bugs floating by. But kinda like fish in an aquarium, they are used to having people walk by, most not stalking by any means. They aren't afraid of people, but they are smart and know the difference between a fly and a bug. Kinda like your aquarium fish would if you keep throwing flies in the water that resemble their food (flakes). They might hit it the first few times, but they would learn the difference really quick. However they also become accustom to you looking into the aquarium, and might even fallow your finger in hopes of you dropping food to them.

As for the 20 fish days on streamers, yes... I have had those. I have also had 20 fish days on midges there as well, yes midges that small. I actually had fished for only 2 hours a few months back and landed over 20 fish (yes landed) with a size 28 midge. Never lost the fly, never bent it, only lost 2 trout all day. Just like I said, when I start filming, all hell breaks loose! HAHAHAHA
Mc Fly Angler
Jmd123January 26th, 2017, 8:03 am
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2611
"HAHA well ok so your "work" is fun"

They do actually pay me for it, so its not "work", its work. I do wish they paid me more!

"I do web design, so I am inside, on a computer, working on code like you see in the matrix movie... HAHA"

Well man, society can't have enough folks like you right now, given how computers are now found EVERYWHERE in our lives (like the one I'm pounding on right now). Again, more power to ya, I could NEVER do that for a living, at least not without hiring a fill-time masseuse (need that for microscope work as well)!

"Neo?...Neo?...The Matrix has you, Neo..."

Just remember, there is no spoon...

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...
McflyanglerJanuary 26th, 2017, 10:29 am
New Mexico, United States

Posts: 35
IM sure there are some problems with your job JMD, no job is all positive. But I get what you mean about your work not being a source of stress as much as others jobs. You saying you would rather work, then have a bad day of fishing makes sense in your instance. I know what you mean about not being paid enough, I feel the same way. I think we all do. Its never really enough is it? Like me, I work freelance, so I have to find my own clients. I usually have to negotiate the price down so much to win the bids on the jobs that I end up making like $20/hour. Seems ok, and it would be if I had jobs lined up automatically, but usually there is some down time in between jobs so I probably would end up making more working at Home Depot then doing this. But hey... HAHA

You say you could NEVER do that for a living... Well I'm almost to that point honestly. I really hate it. Well ok I take that back, there are aspects of the job I like, like the creative side. I like the design process of the site, but once it gets into the technical (code writing) I hate it. Honestly I think I'm hoping that this channel takes off soon, so I can start making enough money with that (become pro in my video creation) then have to do web design. But the advertising pay that Youtube offers (they pay you when ads show up on your video's) is kinda not as good as I would want. You have to have millions of views to be able to make anything substantial. Anything enough to quit my day job would be years down the road, unless these video's really take off and people like them. The 1st one did really well, and I have over 80,000 views on it in about 1 month... But the 2nd two aren't.. OH well. Im hoping my next series on the Animas River do well. I refuse to associate myself with any fly fishing company though for extra pay because I don't want my viewers to feel like I sold out, or recommend something based on being payed by the company if that makes sense. So I just hope that I can get enough views for youtube to pay out enough for me to keep this going.
Mc Fly Angler
IasgairFebruary 26th, 2017, 12:20 pm

Posts: 148
Mcflyangler, I am going to back up a few posts here and talk about the size of the flies being so small. I have never been to that river, but have read so many articles and posts from other forums on it, and they say the same as you, that small flies from 24 to 28 is the ticket. The Dream Stream is the same way, and draws many fishermen as well.

I am starting to wonder, and I am going off of what was said about the 100 fishermen, ( whether there is a 100 in eyesight or not doesn't matter ) because the Dream Stream can have many fishermen on it as well, and it too holds big fish, hence the name Dream Stream.
I am wondering if the more pressured the fish are, and big fish are not dumb, the more they are attracted to smaller flies. I am assuming you were fishing pools, or areas of the river that have slower current? The Dream Stream is like that, so I am believing that a larger fly gives themselves away allowing the fish time to inspect them. Maybe fish have bad eyesight and have a hard time inspecting a size 25 fly while we as humans have to just watch the end of the fly line and hope for a twitch? LOL.

On the rivers and streams I fish, I generally use sizes 14 to 18, but I fish fast pocket water and riffles, so a larger fly works. I also fish waters that are not so populated, like the creeks above Boulder in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, not too many people fish the creeks because they all head for the lakes, so I have had the creeks and streams to myself all day and not another person insight. Pure heaven!!!

But if what I said above seems to be the picture on that river, it makes sense to me that it will take smaller flies. And for your tippet breaking, is your rod a fast action rod? To try and thread 4X tippet onto the eye of a size 26 fly eye is not going to happen, so I can see why you are using 6X. But as mentioned from another member, it is difficult to keep large fish on with such small flies, so my advice is to use a little softer rod, and when hooked into the fish, don't point the rod tip at the 12:00 position. But you probably already know that.

If I ever get to that area, I am going to have to try that river out. It sounds really challenging.

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