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FalsiflyNovember 29th, 2007, 12:42 pm
Hayward, WI.

Posts: 661
Hey guys,
Iím starting to make plans for my annual spring trip out west. It requires, some rather lengthy, hiking over slippery snow covered and muddy trails with steep inclines to and from the water. Iím in need of new footwear and thinking of trying a pair of Korkers Streamborn wading boots. I like the idea of changeable soles. I would appreciate any comments pro or con. Thanks.
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FlybyknightNovember 29th, 2007, 4:32 pm
Milton, DE

Posts: 82
It would not surprise me if you got as many different opinions as there are respondents, and mine is probably considered by most as being as outdated as the Enfield.
I have a pair of strap-on cleats that looks like shallow steel cups welded to a metal receiver that straps onto the bottom of my wading boots. They are good for climbing rocky terrain, protect the felt when hiking, and are positively super on slippery rocks.
The down side is that I want to buy a pair for my grandson, but have not found a source as of yet.
To address your specific concern, my vote goes for a strap-on with some sort of metal bottom.
My boots are Dehner, they are over 25 years old and still going strong.
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FlybinderNovember 29th, 2007, 11:39 pm
Oregon Coast

Posts: 60
I was given a pair of the Korker's four years ago, before they really hit the general retail market, for me to.... "try out, abuse, TRY and destroy them and report back to us", by Korker.
Well, four years later and more fishing trips than I can recall, they're STILL going strong and work like a charm! I was given various soles to try out.......... "hiking/trail" (the basic sole), the straight felts, (they are the other, sole, that come stock with the boots), the "felt w/studs", the "rubber sole w/studs", the "boating deck soles", and the straight rubber "Aqua Stealth soles".

So. MY personal OPINIONS only..............
The boot, itself, after wearing probably close to 10 brands, over the past 30+ years of fly fishing and wading, are built to last and extrememly comfortable.
The straight, "stock" felts that come with the boots when you buy them are as good, if not better, than many straight felts I've ever worn. The felt w/cleats, the ones I've worn the most, are also, one of the best "combo soles" I've ever worn wading. The cleats are VERY hard and grip slime and algae like glue.
Now, the "Aqua Stealth" straight rubber soles, the ones THEY CLAIM, "work as well as felt", they CAN HAVE! I've STILL got "butt bruises" from slipping and falling, while wearing those things!
I, doubt, the "boat deck soles", would interest you, but they're okay, for what they're intended for I suppose. Frankly, in that situation, I wouldn't be wearing that kind of boot to begin with, while in someone's boat!! (Maybe, in a "drift trip, get out and wade" situation, one might like them though!?
The hiking boot sole, the stock sole with the boot, is GREAT. VERY comfortable, lots of flex, mine, after 4 years show VERY little tread wear!
Two things, that they DON'T tell you, however, that I came up with, in my own............
One: take along a "cleaning tool",so when you change soles, you can clean out the "track groove", where the soles lock into the boot.A sharp stick, of course, will also do this job, but a knife blade, could cut the boot. I pack one of those "hoof cleaning tools", in aluminum, that horse shoers use to clean out horse hoofs before re-shoeing. (They look like a 90 degree flat bladed screwdriver).
Two, unless "weight" is a very vital item with your pack, leave this item out. But I found that an small, all nylon, "tent stake mallet" is an excellent tool for knocking the soles into the groove on the boot's rim, when changing from sole to sole.But, I'm sure, a "good rock" would do just as well!!
I own 4 pairs of various wading boots. Since I received my Korkers, I've not worn any of the others, in 4 years now. That's about al I can say for them I guess!
Have fun, too, out here in the West!
"You should'a been here, NEXT week,the fishing's great!"
FlybinderNovember 30th, 2007, 12:09 am
Oregon Coast

Posts: 60
You "date" us, BOTH haha because I very much remember the old "Bottle Cap" wading cleats, you speak of! And, you're also right on how good they were!
The only thing I've ever found along those lines though lately is a paid of "slip over the boots-aluminum bars", sold by Madison River Fly Shop.( ). They're called "Dan Bailey Streamcleats". I, think, about $49.00 a pair, is memory serves.
"You should'a been here, NEXT week,the fishing's great!"
LittleJNovember 30th, 2007, 2:04 pm
Hollidaysburg Pa

Posts: 251
I just got the REI holliday catalog and they have slip over "trax" for 19.95 & 29.95. I doubt they would work in the stream, but could be the ticket for the hike in & out. They are called "Yak Trax", I imagine they would be on rei's website.

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