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Report at a Glance

General RegionDeckers
Specific LocationJust below the Wig - Wam Club
Time of Day4:30p - 6:30p
Fish Caught13" Rainbow
Conditions & HatchesThe flow below Cheesman was at 305cfs, and clarity was decent. Midges were coming off and the caddis were doing their normal riffle dance. The midges were tiny I saw some that had to be in the #28 range, the caddis were in the #18 - #20 range.

Details and Discussion

SundulaSeptember 14th, 2006, 8:17 pm
Littleton, Colorado

Posts: 35
I started with a #18 Pheasent tail and #22 Mecury RS2, nothing. I moved on to a brown Elk hair caddis size #16 (smallest I had) and danced it in the riffles, nothing. Same fly but with a dead drift, finally some action! Several refusals I watched two follow it for awhile until the drag set in. That's when I noticed the midges starring to show up, so I tied on a #24 griffith's gnat below my caddis made a cast at one of the one's who refused the caddis, because he was in a good feeding rhythm. On the second cast he shot up and took the gnat. He fought well and I landed him, it was only 13" but it had beutiful color. I probably should have fished a Black Beauty earlier instead of the RS2 and the pheasent tail, but that is my favorite prospecting rig. I seined for about 15 min and only caught empty caddis larva shucks, moss, gravel and one small green midge larva. So really not much was going on, at least were I was. I don't feel to bad though because that strech above Horse Creek has been pounded since the flood on 7/7, so I was pretty happy to land the one. I will be going out on 9/16 I'm not sure where yet, but there will be another report from Sundula coming soon (and hopefully a nice big fish pic :)) I'm thinking Eleven Mile.

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