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Mark Libertone

Go to the site of my friend Hans Weilenmann. His fly tiers page has one of the best collection of flies from tiers that live all over the world. CLICK HERE

To a site on North Country wet flies and spiders. CLICK HERE

To a site of another who enjoys the wingless wets, Ruard Janssen. CLICK HERE

This link is to a great site for those interested in fly fishing, especially those in my home state of New York. CLICK HERE

To see articles written by Mark click on the following links.

Wingless wet fly article

Wet fly article


Hereís Eric Austinís site on Traditional flies. CLICK HERE

JB Martinís great site on Classic Trout Fishing. CLICK HERE

Visit my friend Sander Bruijneís site: CLICK HERE

To visit my new fishing site, CLICK HERE