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Mayfly Species Teloganopsis deficiens (Little Black Quill)

Anglers in western Wisconsin, where these little flies hatch in good numbers on summer rivers, have termed them "Darth Vaders" because of the very dark color of their wings.

Until recently, this species was known as Serratella deficiens.

Where & When

Regions: East, Midwest

Time Of Year (?): June and July

Most writers say this species emerges in June and July, but Caucci and Nastasi in Hatches II report that it is important in the Catskills in the late summer and fall. The others might be referring to hatches in the Midwest, where the species is also prolific, or there may be some confusion between species.

Hatching Behavior

Time Of Day (?): Late morning.

The tiny duns take a while to break through the surface film, and then they linger on the surface before flying off. Despite their small size they can provide excellent fishing where they are abundant.

The angling literature says they hatch in late morning, and anglers familiar with the hatch confirm this, but they also report afternoon and evening hatches.

Spinner Behavior

These spinner falls are unimportant.

Nymph Biology

Current Speed: Slow to medium

Substrate: They do especially well in weedy streams.

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