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Dragonfly adults are very rarely vulnerable to trout because they are superb at flight, but their large, slow nymphs are welcome food. The adults and nymphs are both impressive predators upon other insects, and I have watched adult dragonflies kill large mayfly duns and tear through a cloud of midges at rate of several per second.

This common name refers to only one order.

Insect Order Odonata-Anisoptera

These are pretty much always called Dragonflies.
Dragonflies and damselflies are in the same order, Odonata, but they are taxonomically separated on an obscure level not built into this site, the suborder. Dragonflies are in the rarely mentioned suborder Epiprocta, and within that suborder is the infraorder Anisoptera, the scientific name by which they're best known. None of that will help you catch trout, but it explains what the hyphen in this page's name is all about.
Cordulegaster Dragonfly NymphCordulegaster  Dragonfly Nymph View 4 Pictures
Collected March 1, 2004 from in
Added to by on January 25, 2006
Libellulidae Dragonfly AdultLibellulidae  Dragonfly Adult View 3 PicturesThis specimen of Libella saturata, the flame skimmer dragonfly, is the only invertebrate in this site's collection that I caught by hook and line. It swooped down and attacked my dry fly on the Firehole River, where it lived as a nymph in the hot water near the geothermal springs and geyser runoff.
Collected August 11, 2018 from in
Added to by on June 12, 2019
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