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Water Boatmen

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Water boatmen are in the order Hemiptera, the "true bugs," along with water scorpions, giant water bugs, and backswimmers. They are present in many trout streams but are more important as a food source in lakes and spring ponds. The nymphs and adults look similar and the adults cannot breathe water, but carry small air bubbles with them for respiration. They sometimes fly up out of the water in the early season to mate, leaving anglers witnessing a very confusing "hatch."

This common name refers to only one family.

True Bug Family Corixidae

These are pretty much always called Water Boatmen.
Water boatmen are very common in trout streams, but they aren't an important prey for most trout most of the time. Occasionally they are the important prey and trout feed on them selectively. This is especially likely in weedy mountain lakes and spring ponds.
Sigara Water Boatman AdultSigara  Water Boatman Adult View 3 PicturesEvery picture of this specimen was taken with my old camera through a microscope.
Collected November 15, 2004 from in
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