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Re: Arkansas River
In Fishing Reports by Sundula
4Sep 3, 2006
by Sundula
Hind wings?
In Female Procloeon Mayfly Dun by Taxon
6Aug 27, 2006
by Troutnut
Disturbing Study
In General Discussion by Taxon
Re: River rated pontoons
In Gear Talk by Crickaddict
3Aug 27, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: A Strange One
In the Identify This! Board by Taxon
10Aug 27, 2006
by Flymedic
Re: S. interpunctatum
In Female Stenacron interpunctatum Mayfly Dun by Taxon
5Aug 24, 2006
by Taxon
M. sepulchralis
In Male Mystacides sepulchralis Caddisfly Adult by Taxon
1Aug 24, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: A good Dicosmoecus discussion
In the Caddisfly Genus Dicosmoecus by Troutnut
1Aug 22, 2006
by Taxon
No Help
In Female Baetidae Mayfly Spinner by Taxon
Re: Family ID for this one?
In Isoperla Stonefly Adult by Troutnut
2Jul 30, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: Were Western hatches early this year too?
In General Discussion by Troutnut
4Jul 27, 2006
by Ewp
Re: Former classification
In the Caddisfly Family Uenoidae by Troutnut
2Jul 24, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: Are Isonychia mayflies technically multibrooded?
In the Mayfly Genus Isonychia by Troutnut
4Jul 22, 2006
Re: Mayflies which crawl underwater to lay their eggs
In General Discussion by Troutnut
1Jul 22, 2006
by Taxon
Re: Whoops
In Male Neoleptophlebia mollis Mayfly Dun by Troutnut
4Jul 22, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: Anybody know the genus and species?
In Isogenoides hansoni Stonefly Nymph by Troutnut
8Jul 10, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: Call me Dr. Frankenstein -- I've created life at the tying bench!
In Fly Tying by Troutnut
18Jul 10, 2006
by Shawnny3
Surprising Length
In Female Ephemera varia Mayfly Spinner by Taxon
3Jul 10, 2006
In Male Eurylophella Mayfly Spinner by Taxon
5Jul 10, 2006
by Entoman
In Isogenoides hansoni Stonefly Nymph by Taxon
3Jul 7, 2006
by Entoman
Re: ID
In Female Baetis Mayfly Dun by Taxon
4Jul 6, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: I'm pretty unsure about these IDs
In Female Ephemerella excrucians Mayfly Spinner by Troutnut
5Jul 5, 2006
by Brookyman
Re: Subsurface mayfly emergence: a conflicting account from one book
In General Discussion by Troutnut
6Jul 4, 2006
by Softhackle
In Female Baetisca laurentina Mayfly Dun by Taxon
1Jun 26, 2006
by Troutnut
Re: Hex nymph behavior
In the Mayfly Species Hexagenia limbata by Millerpa
9Jun 26, 2006
by Beardius
Re: What are they doing to each other?
In the Photography Board by Willy
1Jun 8, 2006
by Taxon
Re: Brown Drake - emergence cycle???
In the Mayfly Species Ephemera simulans by AftonAngler
5Jun 6, 2006
by Wiflyfisher
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