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Re: Public service announcement: PMDs aren't yellow
In Male Ephemerella excrucians Mayfly Dun by Troutnut
13Aug 24, 2020
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Purple Patriot
In Fly Tying by Brian314
3Apr 24, 2020
by Brian314
Re: Firehole Dry Fly hooks
In Fly Tying by Iasgair
7Jan 18, 2020
Re: Early dry patterns
In General Discussion by Partsman
10Feb 26, 2019
Re: Au Sable Holy Waters Sulphurs
In General Discussion by Brian314
16Jan 21, 2019
by Oldredbarn
Re: Leaders- super long, slack, George Harvey style etc.
In Gear Talk by Roguerat
19Dec 20, 2018
by Wbranch
Re: Necks
In General Discussion by Flytyerinpa
9Nov 6, 2018
Re: Fly Tying Vise
In Gear Talk by William99
27Aug 18, 2018
by Martinlf
Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Nylon
In Gear Talk by Wbranch
23Jun 27, 2018
by Jmd123
Re: The fabled hex hatch...
In General Discussion by Summer_doug
11Jun 27, 2018
by Willy
Re: Spence - where art thou?
In General Discussion by Wbranch
21Apr 8, 2018
Re: Grasshoppers--Pheasa nt or Plastic?
In General Discussion by CaseyP
6Feb 6, 2018
by Strmanglr
Re: CF KNOT dry Fly Knot keeps tippet off the water
In General Discussion by Idryfly
9Feb 6, 2018
by PaulRoberts
Re: tying demo
In General Discussion by Roguerat
4Oct 9, 2017
by CaseyP
Re: A Float Down the Manistee and a little extra...
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In the Photography Board by Oldredbarn
11Jun 23, 2017
by Roguerat
Re: Grannoms and Blue Quills
In Fishing Reports by Martinlf
11Apr 21, 2017
by Jmd123
Re: Spring Dry Fly Season
In Fishing Reports by Crepuscular
11Mar 7, 2017
by Jmd123
Re: Bigger Fly for bigger trout?
In General Discussion by WI_Fisher
36Dec 26, 2016
by Wbranch
Re: What was your best fly fishing trip/experience/adve nture in 2016?
In General Discussion by Jmd123
7Dec 24, 2016
by Martinlf
Re: Curly Leaders
In Gear Talk by Damon
9Nov 14, 2016
by Planettrout
Re: Adult Caddis Fishing Technique
In General Discussion by Damon
6Nov 2, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Whiting Gold Saddle
In General Discussion by Flytyerinpa
13Sep 30, 2016
by Wbranch
Mustad hooks for sale
In General Discussion by TNEAL
1Aug 17, 2016
by Wbranch
Re: How are your hatches doing lately?
In General Discussion by Jmd123
22Aug 15, 2016
by TimCat
Re: Brook trout
In General Discussion by TNEAL
12Jul 31, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: hex hatch
In Male Hexagenia limbata Mayfly Spinner by Daleeahrens
10Jun 21, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Michigan DNR to start stocking Arctic Grayling Featured Topic
In General Discussion by TimCat
18Jun 17, 2016
by Oldredbarn
Re: Favorite Pattern for Isonychia
In General Discussion by Adirman
11Jun 15, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Simple/Easy patterns that are effective?
In Fly Tying by TimCat
8Apr 24, 2016
by TimCat
Re: things are happening fast here
In General Discussion by Crepuscular
11Apr 9, 2016
Re: Does the extremely easily tied f-fly perform as well as the parachute adams?
In Fly Tying by Ffly
25Mar 21, 2016
by Flytyerinpa
Re: dubbing, best way to attach it to thread
In Beginner Help by Fissemand19
18Feb 19, 2016
Re: Parachute style
In General Discussion by TNEAL
3Feb 13, 2016
by KateS
Re: Sulphurs taste good.....
In General Discussion by AftonAngler
10Feb 2, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Fly purchasing
In Gear Talk by Hal
33Jan 22, 2016
by Dzumwalt
Re: Big Brown Question
In General Discussion by Jaird
29Jan 19, 2016
by Martinlf
Re: Private vs. Public
In General Discussion by Dfroeh
33Dec 8, 2015
by Wbranch
Re: Most Overrated Fly
In General Discussion by Outdoors198
41Dec 3, 2015
by TimCat
Re: Fly tying Kits
In Gear Talk by Flyman2
2Oct 3, 2015
Re: A couple of very nice trips to the Pond
In the Photography Board by Jmd123
3Sep 25, 2015
by Oldredbarn
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