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Forum Posts By Sayfu

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Re: Questions on casting
In Beginner Help by Stokes
72Oct 18, 2013
by Wbranch
Re: Last fish of the year?
In Site Updates by Troutnut
1Oct 14, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Knots
In General Discussion by Mntman888
5Oct 14, 2013
by Martinlf
Re: Vise Suggestions
In Fly Tying by Kschaefer3
52Oct 14, 2013
by Oldredbarn
Re: Afternoon bird hunt
In Site Updates by Troutnut
5Oct 6, 2013
by Troutnut
Re: skinny hooks, fat hooks
In Fly Tying by CaseyP
4Oct 4, 2013
by Catskilljon
Re: Great Red Quill
In Female Timpanoga hecuba Mayfly Dun by Entoman
19Sep 26, 2013
by Jmd123
Re: Failed bird hunt on a pretty fall day in Alaska
In Site Updates by Troutnut
10Sep 23, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Passing of Mark Libertone
In Fly Tying by Feathers5
24Sep 20, 2013
Re: The Best of "Mr. Soft Hackle" Mark Libertone Featured Topic
In General Discussion by Entoman
19Sep 20, 2013
by TKB
Re: brown trout coloration research paper
In General Discussion by Ike
3Sep 19, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Madison River Montana August 2013
(10 more)

In the Photography Board by Oldredbarn
23Sep 17, 2013
by Oldredbarn
Re: Odd Question:
In General Discussion by Mrjesusjunk
3Sep 15, 2013
by Wbranch
Re: Best rod for a 10 year old?
In Gear Talk by Roguerat
21Sep 4, 2013
by Oldredbarn
Re: Hook Size Translation Between Scud and Regular Shenk
In Fly Tying by Lastchance
1Aug 22, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Hook size translated to mm, inches
In Fly Tying by Jschoen
8Aug 21, 2013
by Oldredbarn
Re: Schlappen - Preferred Brand?
In Fly Tying by Kschaefer3
9Aug 20, 2013
by Kschaefer3
Re: Rear Kicked by Tricos
In General Discussion by Kschaefer3
23Aug 14, 2013
Re: Looking for a new reel
In Gear Talk by Namelessher
19Aug 7, 2013
by Falsifly
Re: knots
In Gear Talk by Sayfu
11Aug 3, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Homage to Louis: the Davy Knot revisited
In Gear Talk by Entoman
32Aug 3, 2013
by Martinlf
Re: "nocturnal stone"
In the Identify This! Board by Sayfu
6Aug 1, 2013
by Byhaugh
Re: Fly Fishing Southwest Idaho - Trout Lakes/Streams
In General Discussion by Dry4Flies
2Jul 26, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Big and Little Hexes?
In the Identify This! Board by CaseyP
7Jul 3, 2013
by CaseyP
Re: Fly Fishing in Italy
In General Discussion by Bama1981
16Jun 30, 2013
Re: Travel kits
In Fly Tying by Roguerat
11Jun 24, 2013
by Joeinnm
Re: Color variations in Rainbows
In General Discussion by Fishmutt
6Jun 24, 2013
by Entoman
Re: 11 Sage 2014 Fly Reel Preview - Evoke, 2200, 3200
In Gear Talk by Tridentfly
1Jun 24, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Crane Fly
In the Identify This! Board by DayTripper
6May 30, 2013
by Crepuscular
Re: The Cicadidae 17 Year Itch
In Cicadidae Cicada Adult by Falsifly
3May 29, 2013
by Falsifly
Re: GD Shuck
In the Mayfly Species Ephemera guttulata by Martinlf
10May 29, 2013
by Crepuscular
Re: newly designed soft hackles.
In General Discussion by Sayfu
2May 16, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: Anyone know this angler?
In Fishing Reports by Crepuscular
11May 13, 2013
by Entoman
Re: What's the difference between a riffle and pocket water?
In General Discussion by Greenfish13
24May 12, 2013
by Martinlf
Re: Spraying Flies????
In Gear Talk by Keystoner
25May 10, 2013
by Gutcutter
Re: Shallow Beaver Dam/stream
In General Discussion by Chowdryfarm
3May 8, 2013
by Sayfu
Re: trout fishing for nubees
In General Discussion by Anar
19May 7, 2013
by Brookyman
Re: Steelhead scaring resident trout?
In General Discussion by Jmd123
17May 7, 2013
by PaulRoberts
Re: Please help identify this fly
In the Identify This! Board by Tosh
19May 6, 2013
by David82nd
Re: Caddis Wing
In Fly Tying by Martinlf
68May 5, 2013
by PaulRoberts
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