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Forum Posts By Gene

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Re: Genetically Modified Crops hurting Aquatic Ecosystems!
In General Discussion by Gene
47Nov 15, 2007
by Martinlf
Re: catch and release and related stream side ethics
In General Discussion by Lam
23Nov 6, 2007
by Lam
Re: cleaning fishing line
In Gear Talk by Lam
10Nov 3, 2007
by Martinlf
Re: Piscicides for Reclaiming Trout Habitat
In General Discussion by Shawnny3
63Nov 3, 2007
by Jmd123
Re: letort,breeches,or big spring
In General Discussion by LittleJ
25Oct 27, 2007
by Lam
Re: The KISS Principle
In General Discussion by GONZO
23Oct 26, 2007
by Lam
Re: Lehigh River @ 10/18
In the Photography Board by Quillgordon
9Oct 25, 2007
by Quillgordon
Re: KIS(S) in fly selection
In General Discussion by Softhackle
26Oct 25, 2007
by Softhackle
Re: Freestone vs. Limestone
In General Discussion by Shawnny3
21Oct 22, 2007
by Gene
Re: Crane flies, a real eye opener
In General Discussion by Lam
6Oct 18, 2007
by Jmd123
Re: educated fish?
In General Discussion by Smallstream
26Oct 12, 2007
Re: Huchen or Donausalmon
In the Photography Board by Luc384
5Oct 10, 2007
by Luc384
Re: Getting back into it but line choices have me baffled
In Gear Talk by Gt2003
22Oct 9, 2007
by Flybinder
Re: Midges Down Mighty Yanks
In General Discussion by Shawnny3
8Oct 6, 2007
by Jmd123
Re: Tippet Size
In Gear Talk by Shawnny3
29Oct 4, 2007
by Sayfu
Re: 4 rods
In Gear Talk by Ducfat
26Oct 3, 2007
by Jmd123
Re: Spinner
In the Identify This! Board by Al514
24Sep 29, 2007
by Konchu
Re: Global Warming and Flyfishing
In General Discussion by Shawnny3
92Sep 29, 2007
by Wbranch
Re: Using foam flies - your thoughts...
In General Discussion by Lam
19Sep 28, 2007
by Martinlf
Re: Family
In Cambaridae Crayfish Juvenile by DMM
6Sep 28, 2007
by Entoman
Re: Fall
In General Discussion by Softhackle
23Sep 28, 2007
by Gene
Re: Fly choice during an Ephoron hatch
In the Mayfly Genus Ephoron by Jmd123
13Sep 25, 2007
by Martinlf
Re: The Hex I was talking about
In the Identify This! Board by Al514
7Sep 24, 2007
by Konchu
Re: Some VERY interesting research
In General Discussion by Shawnny3
20Sep 16, 2007
by Flybyknight
Re: Just got the new edition of Schwiebert's "Nymphs"
In General Discussion by Troutnut
4Sep 13, 2007
by Gene
Re: Dam removal ---Finally Spring Creek get some Help
In General Discussion by JAD
12Sep 7, 2007
by Martinlf
Re: Favorite streamers
In Fly Tying by LittleJ
17Sep 6, 2007
by Grannom
Re: A watercolor of mine
In the Photography Board by Softhackle
24Sep 5, 2007
by Softhackle
Re: Cheap Reels High Performance???
In Gear Talk by Obtuseangle
24Sep 5, 2007
by Taxon
Re: tricos 4pm
In the Mayfly Genus Tricorythodes by IEatimago
8Sep 3, 2007
by Gene
Re: Anyone know your western Drunella species?
In Female Drunella doddsii Mayfly Dun by Troutnut
23Aug 29, 2007
by Entoman
Re: What rain does to a river...
In General Discussion by Freepow
13Aug 29, 2007
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Another sulphur for comment
In Female Ephemerella invaria Mayfly Dun by Martinlf
1Aug 21, 2007
by Gene
Re: mayfly egg-laying behavior & trout
In General Discussion by Konchu
3Aug 20, 2007
by Gene
Re: Wow, they really can take forever to get off the water
In the Mayfly Species Ephemerella dorothea dorothea by Troutnut
36Aug 15, 2007
by Falsifly
Re: cheap rods, high performance Featured Topic
In Gear Talk by Davez
43Aug 14, 2007
by Teddyp
Re: Ephoron Leukon nymph photographs
In the Mayfly Species Ephoron leukon by BFornadley
11Aug 14, 2007
by Gene
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