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Closeup insects from Penn's Creek


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Penns Bugs 5 Replies »
Posted by Martinlf on Feb 1, 2016
Last reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Dmcwil01
Something to dream on as the snow melts.
ReplyPenns Creek Inquiry 4 Replies »
Posted by Keystoner on Jan 18, 2011
Last reply on Jan 22, 2011 by Keystoner
Hey fellas, hoping some of you will be willing to give me some imput here.

Basically, I'm looking to check out the Penns Creek and had some questions. Such as...

I had eyed Poe Paddy as my starting point, and was planning a winter expedition as I figure this will equal open water. However, the campground is not open, so I'm wondering what the deal is with winter camping? Could I get away with hiking in and out and just kinda camping wherever (environmentally responsible, of course)?

Second I have read that the insect sizes are bigger on Penns than elsewhere in PA. Does this apply to nymphs as well? Should I have some 12s and 14s along on this trip, or will the 16s, 18s, and 20s suffice??

Any other imput is always welcome too! Thanks guys.

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