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> > Need Help Picking a New Vise

NCNympherDecember 1st, 2016, 4:26 pm
Charlotte, NC

Posts: 2
Hey guys,

Im trying to decide on what vise I should purchase next. I only tie flies that are #14-#22 and need a vise that is tailored towards those smaller sizes. It is also imperative I have a rotary feature on the vise. I have been looking at a Dyna-King Barracuda Junior Trekker which seems like a good one for the money. My price limit is about $300. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
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WbranchDecember 2nd, 2016, 7:25 am
York & Starlight PA

Posts: 2733
There are lots of very good vises out there that cost less than $300.00. Check out this full rotary at Bass Pro. I have two vises, a older non rotating Regal for larger flies and a HMH with two sets of jaws for #12 - #26 flies. The HMH rotates but I wouldn't call it a real rotary. I can rotate it towards, or away, from me if I want to see the back side or bottom of the fly. I really don't need a true rotary feature because I am not in a hurry to finish a fly.
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RogueratDecember 2nd, 2016, 7:49 am
Posts: 472

I'll agree with Matt that there's lots of vises for less than $ 300.

I bought a Renzetti Traveler 'basic' (no anodizing, just polished aluminum) for $ 160 or so a couple years back and really enjoy tying with it.

I appreciate the rotary feature for winding on dubbing or longer hackle and like Matt said, it speeds up the tying process and allows one to inspect a fly from different angles...but I still use my Thompson 'A' non-rotary and it's a great vise too, IMHO.

Welcome, and nice fish in your profile picture!


'Less is more...'

Ludwig Mies Vande Rohe
PartsmanDecember 2nd, 2016, 1:32 pm
bancroft michigan

Posts: 420
My wife got me a griffin blackfoot mongoose last year, I like it. Like Matt I don't use the rotary option for quick tying, but I do like to look at all angles as work. The price was right at about $150.00.
Troutbum32June 4th, 2019, 2:42 am
New Zealand

Posts: 5
Just in case anyone is still looking. You can get a complete fly tying kit for much less than $300. There are a bunch of recommendations here for a beginner fly tying kit to get started. They are available on Amazon for between $50 and $150.
20 Years Fly Fishing in New Zealand and abroad.
IasgairJune 18th, 2019, 3:28 pm

Posts: 148
I have the Peak Rotary vise, and I love it. It's around $150, and it will tie the size flies you want right from the start. I have had mine for over ten years and see no reason to replace it, and it may be another ten years before it wears down to where I may need a new one.

Matt, Roguerat and partsman gave great advise on different vises that are really great tools and value.

But not all vises are the same. What I mean is, where you place the hook, angles are different on different vises, and the height as well. Peak has it's jaws just a bit lower than others, so what you want to do is go to a fly shop that sells vises and place what would be your material hand, since I'm right handed and tie with my right hand, my material hand is my left, and place it on top of the main axle as if your placing wings onto a hook and see if it's comfortable for you.

But all the vises mentioned are excellent, and I'm sure you'll like whatever you get.

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