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> > An epic come back story for wild brook trout--If you care you better read this.

Brookyman has attached these 13 pictures. The message is below.
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BrookymanMay 22nd, 2014, 10:51 pm
Posts: 797
One of the greatest come back stories you will read. This is a letter I sent tonight to the Trout Unlimited Canada's biology team as a Brook trout report.

first off since 2011 I have been working as a partner to Trout Unlimited Canada's biology team. In my area in a particular water system Brook trout have not been reported since 1955 as well as my whole county. They work the main system and I devote my time to the two very small tributaries that feed into the main system. The one main tributary in topic is less than 5 feet wide and its deepest pockets are below my knees. It runs for approximately 3 miles locked between a very small lake and a dam to the main system. Very tiny and very fragile. As you will read I am highly protective of these systems and you will read why. Other than people like me and TU the trout are unprotected by lack of official resources being park rangers.

This is wonderful news and should be shared with people that really care. So I will star out information like names and roads ***** ext to protect my rare Brookies.


To Trout Unlimited biology Staff; Jack, Silvia, and Beth

May 22nd 2014 Please keep this form being public knowledge.

Brook trout report & photos from the - Stenonema Rangers of Ontario.

It is my greatest pleasure to inform you for today's events it was a landmark day for wild Brook trout in ****** county.

Background; In 2011 my son and myself entered the south tributary to **** CK. This is the one that runs from the ********** Community cottages to lake **** ? It runs from the community up under ******* Rd and south along ***** springs Rd. When we fished it in 2011 we both caught 1 brook trout each under 3 inch‘s and saw no more present. That was the very first Brook trout I had ever seen in ****** county in 38 years of fly fishing. Staring a month after that I spent a considerable amount of time reconstructing and clearing that tributary to allow them access to each other for spawning including creating pools, riffles, runs, and 5 spawning beds as I mentioned
to you Jack in 2012.

Today was the greatest rewards to all of us for our generous efforts. On this day I caught and safely released more than 50+ and likely nearing 70 very healthy wild Brook Trout. More than 9 were sizable enough for reproduction. One was very likely the “Grandmother” to all of them nearing the 14” mark. It is very unfortunate that my camera has been under water twice in the past 2 years. So with great fortune I was able to obtain some photos. I only photographed less than 15, their safety being priority. With the big one the pictures did not come out. But from the photos attached you will see all size variations from 2 1/2 to 10”. You will also note excellent health. The gills are very deep red with no mucous. Their weight to length ratio is nothing sort of epic. The overall color of all of them was perfect. I also caught 3 very small wild Brown trout amongst them and their photos all turned out.

This was the greatest day of my life next to the birth of my son. I never thought this could happen in ******. I can say that when they open the dam next year all hell is going to break loose. ***** will receive a big influx as they are packed into a relatively small area. As I moved south toward ****** Rd the numbers were drastically dropping. They were present but in much smaller numbers and size . The stream blocks were having a huge impact on their navigational space. When I can make solid environments for them up stream I will with great care move some of the small to mid sized ones up stream to help spread them out and make room for more spawning next year.

I will be donating a minimum of 3 week this session to removing debris and logs blocking their path of travel and would prefer to do this by myself. Not that I don’t want to share in the fun. I have learned with fishermen if they see me in waders there must be fish there. And if they come the fish will be gone. I have little room in trusting man with such a majestic fragile and wild creature. It is my wish to monitor, aid, and protect them from becoming common knowledge.

So enjoy this epic information guys. Go team !!!!

Another note for you to know. In the other tributary that goes from the ******* community into ******* being ******** Ck there are 3 wild browns that I have caught year after year for the past 3 years below the falls. One was 15” last year and the other two likely males and are in the 11-12” range. I have caught and observed them this year and they are safe.

This is all truly great news.

Mack & Ben Beacon
The Stenonema Rangers of Ontario.


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MotroutMay 26th, 2014, 11:04 am
Posts: 319
Awesome stuff, thanks for posting.
"I don't know what fly fishing teaches us, but I think it's something we need to know."-John Gierach
Shawnny3May 26th, 2014, 12:56 pm
Pleasant Gap, PA

Posts: 1197
Cool stuff. Love to read stuff like that. Congrats for the success of your hard labor.

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