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> > My beloved and very sacred stream by tour - please see this my friends.

BrookymanMay 7th, 2014, 1:16 am
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My beloved and very sacred stream by tour.

OK I have hummed and hawed over showing this video. Mostly because of my voice and what I am sometimes saying. So I will give you some history of this system and the effects of the city on this sacred place before you see it.

This is also the waterway I was referring to when I was asking if it was a Limestone or freestone. I kind of grew up fishing this stream. I started there when I was 7. My Aunt Nancy has a horse farm within a mile of where the video was filmed. So it is a very important place for me and I wish to help it stay in tact so my son can still fish it when he is older. In the upper area above this video it is very fragile and very small and there is a water fall called Hoggs falls. My government put it on the tourist map and it is in serious trouble now.

When I was a kid and even into the 90s if I saw 4 people in 5 days that was allot. In 2011 when camping there for a week we saw over 500 people all from the Toronto area, and most leave their garbage everywhere and do as they like. The boys were even approach by a pedophile that I reported to the provincial police. As for the fish the Law says they can keep up to 7 trout per day and they usually do and they have that right. Unfortunately they dont understand nor care that the fish in it are wild and will not be replaced. The last stocking record for that area was in 1963. So what is there is what ever can survive. Even up till the late 90s you could guaranty catching 50 brookies a day and lots over 12. Today if you catch 10 fish you are very lucky and they are to small to spawn. So we got sick of picking up after everybody and decided to move to the new area below where this film was made. We are now land stewards of this area for both the fish and wildlife.

We will spend 4 weeks there this summer and many sort trip weekends.

Before we reworked this area it was for the most part ankle deep waste water. Or very fast with heavy hay stacking rapids. Its in a gorge type area.

So anyway we reconstructed this area in 2012 and it is still the same. Most of all the rocks placed are right where we put them. This was all done by hand rock by rock with shovels, rakes, hoes, crowbars, and bow saws not even a chainsaw. The boys were 12 at the time so you know who did the most. It took two weeks to get this far. We opened 2 tributaries and 5 springs by the end of that trip. There are two major log jams in the system at ether end of the area. We did add to the one below to help stop people from coming up and keeping the fish. The only way into this spot is over the jams because of the intense black mud on both sides. The fish can get through both jams but it is very hard for people so we just made it harder. We try to meet people coming through and talk to them. Let them know why and what we are doing this for, and ask them not to talk about it to help keep it a secret. We tell them we would prefer they release all the fish. Everybody just loves what we do and they often dont even fish the area.

The next month in August I made small spawning areas about every 50 yards or so. So in the size of the area in this video in total we made 15 spawning zones. So anyway dont be to hard on what I say in it just try to understand were my head and heart is coming from. I am super passionate about everything in life. I hope all of you guys can see this and reply here to it. Its 24 minutes and my disc space ended just before I finished the tour.

OH BTW if it starts in the middle just rewind it. It loaded to youtube strange.

Banned for threatening another user and then trying to circumvent a kinder "soft" ban with fake accounts
Deadshort36January 7th, 2015, 8:12 pm
Posts: 1Amazing. Job well done.

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