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BrookymanNovember 19th, 2012, 12:05 am
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My Stenonema story

My son and I were reworking a tributary, re-configuring the system for mayflies that we found early in that spot. Mayflies that require very clean water, are a good sign that the waters condition is quite good.

So at the end of filming a documentary video on the reconfiguration's my son said to me !!!

“ Dad were saving the world on Stenonema at a time ”

By the end of the summer we created a conservation program on helping all the important mayflies out. First by getting rid of the garbage and reshaping areas of the stream to make habitats just for clinger & crawler nymph. Our main objective is opening up springs and clean water tributaries. We ended up calling our program, The Stenonema Rangers, helping create clean water for everything.

I was thing about our program and had a vision !!! We should have a cartoon like mascot to represent us, something fun, because it is important to get the kids involved. We all remember how it was a blast as a kids playing in a local creek.

So out of the blue comes this guy, He is “Major Brown”
of The Stenonema Ranger, safeguarding our clean waters.

Here are links to our facebook page & website.

Mack & Ben, We hope everybody likes it.
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