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FishfinsJanuary 7th, 2012, 1:45 pm
Posts: 6
iam from southwestern ontario and mainly fish the mighty saugeen river. i mainly float fish with a centerpin using an egg nymph setup. Since the summer i have been introduced to fly fishing with some streamers for bass, pike and muskie.i was wondering if the setup i use for the centerpin would work with the fly rod without an indicator would be efficent or would u get snagged to much. Iam wondering this because i am a little bord with float fishing i hit many fish but i would like to feel the take instead of watching a float go down.
PaulRobertsJanuary 7th, 2012, 2:36 pm

Posts: 1776
Yes you can, but in my experience FF takes a bit more to learn to have good control (what it's all about) and the tackle -fly line and all -IS less efficient. But it's wonderful to do -you will not get bored -although you will have to adjust catch rate expectations commensurate with the learning curve. But..if you stick it out, you can learn to keep up with, even outfish at times, your centerpin buddies. Centerpin fishing is ALL about dead drift-fishing, but FF offers way more presentation options. And there are times when different presentations will outproduce dead-drifting, sometimes way more. FF is worth the effort, but there is effort.
FishfinsJanuary 7th, 2012, 3:53 pm
Posts: 6
i see the river is up above what it should be for this time of year and the flow is perfict but i was beginning to snag the fish i figure if i run the same setup on a fly rod which in my books would be the more natural way to fish these nymphs maybe i wouldn't snag them as much and there would be more takes then fouls! thanks for the info i may try it out tomm. but in case it just doesn't work out i will bring float rod so i don't feel to embarressed for not nailing fish! this is my local river so i have a reputation for hammering lots of fish when every one else only hits a few! Thanks again and fishon!
PaulRobertsJanuary 8th, 2012, 9:40 am

Posts: 1776
Amount of weight and lead length (distance between weight and hook) affect fouling greatly. Inc lead and/or weight and fouling goes way up.

I've not done much with shot strings so I can't speak to that.
FishfinsJanuary 8th, 2012, 1:27 pm
Posts: 6
thanks for the info ! What i did was tied a tapered leader to my sink tip which runs 9 feet i then add four tiny split shots doubled up then tied on a barrel swivel like i would do for my float fishing rig from the barrel swivel down i add fourteen inches of six pound floro carbonto my egg fly or glo bug which is used as an attracter fly then add anouther fourteen inches of the six ilb line to my nymph hopefully that does it i also was thinking of adding some weight to my fly whether as i tie them or using beadheads!I was going to go today but unfortunately we got about eight inches of snow last night so i would think there would alot of slush !

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