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SayfuDecember 1st, 2011, 10:54 am
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Story comes to mind..I took a father and son from Kansas City flyfishing on the Snoqualmie River one Fall. I told them they had their choice. We can fish up river for steelead, OR, we can go down river, and fish for sea-run cutthroat. They decided their expertise was not up to fishing for steelhead, so down river we went. They caught lots of sea-runs that nice Fall day. The next day I asked them if they would like to go upriver, and fish for steelhead now that they had their casting down pretty well. Nope, they enjoyed the fish numbers, and wanted to go back for more sea-runs. At the mouth of a feeder stream the dad makes a cast, and starts to strip back his small streamer, and this fish takes with a good sized swirl, and runs but a short distance to the tight run that exited the pool. Then nothing. I told the guy to STRIP! STRIP! as the fish may still be on his line. I looked out into the clear water next to the boat, and mentioned to the man.."Look at the size of that fish with your fly in the side of his mouth!" It was a steelhead that took, and I no more said it, then off it went down through the fast run with the line he had stripped on the deck. A wad of line jammed up in his first guide, and the tippet broke like the sound of a 22 going off. The man sat for sometime before being able to fish again.

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