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BenjlanFebruary 5th, 2011, 6:25 pm
Cedar Rapids lowa

Posts: 54
Hey Yall,

I've been reading trout unlimited, watching fly fishing shows, reading fly fishing mags, and reading books here lately. I don't understand. When did it become not ok to keep a couple for the table?

Here is my back round, born and raised in small town Iowa, started fishing with Dad before I can remember, Started fly fishing age 29, I have a real love for nature, and can not stand the taste of fish.

My question is for those that do like to eat fish, why not? It seems the DNR has a handle on the conservation part, if the stream cannot handle the harvest, limits and restrictions have been put in place. Why not keep one now and then? In nature there are predators and if I'm not mistaken humans would be top of the food chain.

In Iowa we have a stocking program. The rainbows are put there to catch. The only native species we have are the Brook. If we were truly worried about the natives why are we introducing species that compete directly with the natives?

Please do not take this the wrong way, I'm glad we have the other species. I just don't think there is anything wrong for a fish eater to take a couple home for the table.

I would enjoy hearing feed back from my peers, the people that I value talking to on this site . Am I way off on my thinking or are we becoming holier than thou on this topic.

I will finish by saying I am not anti-conservation but I just don't understand the 100% release philosophy being jammed down our throats.


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