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AndygMarch 15th, 2010, 5:25 am
Eastern Sussex co., NJ

Posts: 13
The starting post referred to a dry fly "spray". Years back there were several aerosol sprays for treating dry flies, one of which was produced by Garcia. There are two that I know of still available. One, a pump spray, I think is from Loon, but I can't remember who the other manufacturer is. Personally, I'd rather spray a fly than dunk it or wipe it with a greasy substance. Frog's Fanny turns the bodies of my flies whitish. Not everyone carries sprays. I pick up mine at Baxter House Outfitters in Roscoe, NY.
JADMarch 15th, 2010, 7:20 am
Alexandria Pa

Posts: 362
Hi Andy
I just looked through my junk and fond a can of the spray you mentioned. 2 oz can --$2.69 a long time ago.It says on the can it's a silicon base with a hackle stiffening agent added ? what ever that means.
The other spray I used to have was made by Cortland, that can is gone I must have liked using that product. My thought is,you could put liquid silicon in a small spray bottle and spray your flies.Orvis used to make a liquid that I liked ,but it's almost gone too. Their is a product called Perma Dry the product is for treating Breathable waders Gor-Tex rain jackets boat bags and flies you might check into, to see if you like it.


They fasten red (crimson red) wool around a hook, and fix onto the wool two feathers which grow under a cockís wattles, and which in colour are like wax.
Radcliffe's Fishing from the Earliest Times,
MartinlfMarch 15th, 2010, 4:00 pm
Palmyra PA

Posts: 3231
I just bought a can of "Perma Fly" from the folks who make "Fly Sauce." It's supposed to be the best spray out now. I'll try to report back once I get a chance to try it out.
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OldflyfisheMay 10th, 2013, 11:43 am
Posts: 1In my 60+ years of fly fishing, the best floatant I ever used was Silikote. Unfortunately it has not been available for years. It came in two forms: An hourglass-shaped bottle in which you could soak the fly, and a spray.

For a while there was a very effective liquid in which you could soak a fly at the bench or on the stream, but it was toxic, and taken off the market.

I know fishermen who still dissolve paraffin in gasoline. It works.

Now I use several kinds of the pastes and powders that are for sale, but don't like them as well as I did Silikote.

I'm looking forward to Martinlf's report on Perma Fly.
SayfuMay 10th, 2013, 12:25 pm
Posts: 560Melted paraphin and mineral oil....the product on the market that is the same as found in the cream floatants is a women's facial, makeup remover called ? Can't think of the name right now, but I have been melting it down, and using it for years filling my floatant containers. Body temp will melt it. Melting it on your fingers, and applying it to the body material seals up the fly from water entering.There is no actual flotation in the product. But it doesn't work on CDC as Silicone does not work as well. I just ordered some "Shake and Bake" that can be applied to CDC after washing off the fish slime...made by Loon. Name of the product with the blue top jar is called Alboline? That could be it. Sounds like that anyway.
GutcutterMay 10th, 2013, 7:25 pm

Posts: 470
For a while there was a very effective liquid in which you could soak a fly at the bench or on the stream, but it was toxic, and taken off the market.

Try Rain-X instead.
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-Robert Traver, Trout Madness

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