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> > OK Smarty Pants...Where's this spot???

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OldredbarnFebruary 4th, 2010, 7:28 am
Novi, MI

Posts: 2600
All I will say is there are big fish living up there near that "rip-rap" in the bend at the center of the photo. I have come across poor souls standing there, way past their bedtimes, casting in to that bend, in the dark, to feeding fish and not understanding why they haven't hooked up. Some guys never leave this spot. They have a half crazied look in their eyes and ask me odd questions and seem to be begging me to somehow figure out a way to convince them to leave the river and find their car...I usually wish them well and tell them it will be light again in a few hours and everything will clear up for you then...Just don't hurt yourself out here in the dark!

Since we are all chauvinistic about our "Home Waters", as evident by these recent threads and photos, I thought I would add something in terms of "Equal Time"...He, he!

"Even when my best efforts fail it's a satisfying challenge, and that, after all, is the essence of fly fishing." -Chauncy Lively

"Envy not the man who lives beside the river, but the man the river flows through." Joseph T Heywood
OldredbarnFebruary 10th, 2010, 7:09 pm
Novi, MI

Posts: 2600
I was surprised that no one bit on this spot...It's fairly well known on the Au Sable. Aren't there any Michiganians on this site?

It's looking downstream on the Mainstream (Holy Water)of the Au Sable. Up there on the hill is what's known as Lower TU and is an access site on property that was donated to TU...It is in the middle of some very "storied water"!

Upstream from here is the Thunderbird Club mentioned in some of Ernie Schwieberts stories..Just around the corner is the Ginger Quill owned by Carl Richards prior to his passing a few years back...From this photo, depending on how fast you wade, is the Barbless Hook that was owned by George Griffith prior to his passing and the site where TU was founded in 1959...

Oh well...One fishes here with the ghosts of some of the "river gods" of the Michigan angling tradition...My fishing buddy tells me that knowing all this doesn't make me a better angler but what I've learned from them certainly hasn't hurt!

"Even when my best efforts fail it's a satisfying challenge, and that, after all, is the essence of fly fishing." -Chauncy Lively

"Envy not the man who lives beside the river, but the man the river flows through." Joseph T Heywood

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