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> > Darn Ithaca rain -- just my luck!

TroutnutAugust 19th, 2006, 12:49 pm
Bellevue, WA

Posts: 2553
Well, this is about right. I've held off on fishing more than about once a month this year while I worked all the time on getting this site up, looking forward to being done so I could get out and relax on the water. There were a few weeks of beautiful weather during the last stretch of work and early promotion, and now that I'm finally breathing a little easier and feel "free" to go fish...

RAIN! And rising, turbid trout streams with it. Drat.
Jason Neuswanger, Ph.D.
Troutnut and salmonid ecologist
DeRidderAugust 21st, 2006, 1:42 pm
Corinth TX

Posts: 3
Pleeze send some down here to the Dallas area, I feel for you man , either feast or famine
PramsterAugust 21st, 2006, 8:08 pm
Northern California

Posts: 3
Hey new to this board, is there a fly shop in Ithaca and do they rent rods and would they recommend a patch of water? Been in Aurora for a few days.
See you on the water!
TroutnutAugust 21st, 2006, 8:57 pm
Bellevue, WA

Posts: 2553
You might try eFlyTyer, the website of a fly shop in Dryden, which is sort of a "suburb" of Ithaca. I met the guy on Fall Creek one time and he seems to take his shop pretty seriously.
Jason Neuswanger, Ph.D.
Troutnut and salmonid ecologist
PramsterAugust 22nd, 2006, 4:52 am
Northern California

Posts: 3
Thanks Jason. I'll look them up. H
See you on the water!

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