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> > Help with an Ocean City 36

Tugboater20May 12th, 2008, 8:55 am
Posts: 1Hi fellow waterwhippers,
I'm new to the forum and newish to fly fishing. I started when I was in 8th grade and stopped in college. I just picked it up again(15 years later) a few weeks ago and came across some of my old gear in the basement.
I have an Ocean City 36 in great shape except for one thing. It's missing the spool retaing screw. Does anyone know what I should pick up to replace it? I need thread pitch/count and length. The markings on the spool make it look like there isn't a washer if I'm wrong please let me know.
THanks heaps.
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GONZOMay 12th, 2008, 11:26 am
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"Bear Swamp," PA

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Hi Tug,

Losing the retaining screw was a common problem with the Ocean City reels, but I hope that you can salvage this simple Philadelphia classic. If you can find or make a suitable replacement for the screw, it should continue to give good service.

I have an old OC 35, but I'm not sure if the retaining screw is the same size on both models. On the 35, the screw is a slightly domed slotted screw with a head diameter of about 10mm or 3/8". The stem is very short, about 5mm or 3/16" long and just slightly smaller in diameter. I don't have a thread gauge, but there are between 5 and 6 turns along the length.

I'm sorry that I cannot provide more exact dimensions and thread pitch/count. I can only suggest cleaning the threads of the female part of the spindle and VERY GENTLY trying some candidate screws. (The female threads are brass.) If you find one that fits without binding, you can cut/grind it to length and polish the cut end.

There is no washer, and the spool is held against the retaining screw by tension from the spring that encircles the spindle. When mounting the spool, it should be pushed tightly against the spring exposing the top of the spindle. (Mine "pops" when the spring is fully compressed.) The screw should then be tightly seated against the top of the spindle. The spindle and the top of the spool sleeve (the part that engages the underside of the head of the retaining screw) should be lubricated. Proper seating of the screw and lubrication will prevent the screw from working loose when the spool revolves.

I hope that helps.


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