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Fly Fishing for Trout the greatest sport in the world. On any level it is an exciting encounter with nature. On the highest level, it is a chance to match wits not against a fish, but against the power of evolution itself to hone a creature's instinct for scrutiny to masterful levels. Coaxing a selective trout into taking your fly is the most satisfying challenge in fishing.

This site is both a scientific reference to help you catch more trout while fly fishing and a photographic tribute to our trout streams.

Aquatic Insects of American Trout StreamsFly fishing demands imitation of the look and behavior of the insects trout eat. This section holds 4762 close-up pictures of 1077 flies and other trout foods, along with detailed hatching behavior and, soon, identification keys. Here's today's Specimen of the Day:
Drunella doddsii (Western Green Drake) Mayfly NymphDrunella doddsii (Western Green Drake) Mayfly Nymph View 3 Pictures
Collected July 17, 2011 from the Gulkana River in
Added to by on July 20, 2011
Common is organized by scientific "Latin" names, but you can also find the hatches you know by their local and fly fishing pattern names through easy-to-use cross-references:
Little Blue-Winged Olives, Blue-Winged Olives, Giant Michigan Mayflies, Hendricksons, Great Lead-Winged Coachmen, Blue-Winged Olives, Light Cahills, Big Golden Stones, Mahogany Drakes, Gray Foxes, Speckled Duns, American Green Drakes, True Flies, Brown Drakes, Blue Quills and Mahogany Duns, 440 more...
Popular Gift Shop ProductsTo help pay the more than $1,000/year hosting bill for this site (I could buy how many fly rods for that?) I've used's printing services to create a store with t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and related gifts with a buggy fly fishing theme. Here are a few of the favorites:
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Fly Fishing ForumsThe 7505 members of the forums have made 43342 posts in 5262 topics. The "Integrated Boards" are partially built into other sections of the site.
Articles & Miscellanea Fly fishing entomology is complicated business, and there's much still to be learned. Some of these articles cover the basics to help you get the most from this site, and others investigate more interesting and original questions.
Trout Stream Landscape and Fish PicturesThe allure of fly fishing for trout owes much to the pristine habitats that trout prefer, and such streams are also a gift to the landscape photographer. I've dabbled in that complementary hobby and put 2317 of my pictures online. I've included pictures of trout, too, because there's no point making a fishing website without showing off some big fish!
Today's Picture of the Day:
LocationCopper River
Date TakenJul 15, 2007
Date AddedJul 19, 2007
Underwater Pictures from Trout StreamsThe world of the trout is much more interesting from below the surface than from above looking down. These 241 underwater pictures are a peek into the secret lives of nymphs and other denizens of the riffly shallows.
Today's Underwater Picture of the Day:
LocationNome Creek
Date TakenJun 22, 2013
Date AddedJun 23, 2013
CameraCanon PowerShot D10
Desktop BackgroundsMany of the best pictures from have been specially trimmed and resized to fit the 17 most common monitor resolutions.
Video ClipsMotion is one of the most important things for fly fishermen and fly tyers to imitate, and one of the hardest to convey through still pictures. Most of these videos show the swimming motions of various aquatic invertebrates.
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