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Cinygmula (Dark Red Quills) Mayfly Nymph Pictures

 This very strange nymph appears to be undoubtedly Cinygmula, yet it lacks the telltale protruding mouthparts that usually make that genus so easy to identify.

This mayfly was collected from the Gulkana River on July 17th, 2011 and added to on July 20th, 2011.

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A Cinygmula nymph without protruding mouthparts? 12 Replies »
Posted by Troutnut on Jul 20, 2011
Last reply on Mar 28, 2013 by Brookyman
I've never heard of such a thing, yet here it is, unless I'm badly mistaken. The gills and all the other features scream Cinygmula, as does the fact that it was collected with hundreds of other Cinygmula nymphs representing (I think) at least two species.

Anyone know what's going on with the mouth?

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