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Aeshnidae Dragonfly Nymph Pictures

This dragonfly was collected from unknown on February 2nd, 2004 and added to on January 25th, 2006.

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Aeshnidae Dragonfly Nymph from unknown in Wisconsin

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I would like to know please 9 Replies »
Posted by Brookyman on Jun 10, 2013
Last reply on Jun 10, 2013 by Brookyman
OK I hate spiders big time. But I love dragonflies as adults. The larva however creep me out.
As a larva do they bite ??? I want to touch them and check them out but I am a chicken with the
big creepy characters. Last year I caught a huge stone fly in my hand or so I thought it was.
It was in fact a huge adult hellgrammites and they hurt big time when they bite. It actually drew
blood in the end of my finger. I found out that it was a hellgrammite today I caught one collecting

Thanks in advance Roger. :-)

Posted by DMM on Feb 22, 2007

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