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Biography & ThoughtsYou know, I love fishing during the spring and fall. Egg patterns are dynamite. I think that the question should not be whether or not to fish during this time of year. But, how you fish during this time of year. If you are fishing the beds, you should be aware of where fish are holding and where they are spawning and not wade into those areas disturbing the fish from breeding.

Or you can take another opportunity and fish the bottom of the runs and pick up rainbows or browns, depending on the spawn and stay off the beds.

Either way, be smart fish hard and catch fish.

As for the ethical portion. Unless you are a traditionalist, which generally thinks that the only way to fly fish is on a sunny day when a a hatch is on. Go out and have a great time. Typically those guys don't catch any fish anyway. And would prefer to warm and eat their lunch stream side discussing all the fish they missed with an 800 dollar sage.

Good Luck

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