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Biography & ThoughtsI've been a fly fisher off and on for over thirty years. My first fly rod was a Fenwick HMG 8'6" 6#. It was one of the first graphite rods made and fished very well. I wish I still had it today. Oh well long story.

I first visited this site a few years ago for the beautiful photography that troutnut put online. If you are an amateur entomologist (aren't we all) his pictures are the best to copy imitations from.

I currently am the president of the Catskill Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited, , based in Kingston NY and 20 miles from the fabled Esopus creek. Which is returning to fishable state after 2 years of silt laden waters coming in from an upstate reservoir.

I am a fly tyer as well as a Fly fisher. I am always looking for new materials to do things better. I recently started playing with Furled or Twined leaders. I have also built my own rods.

Forum SignatureFrank B

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