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Real NameCarl Dennis
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LocationIlion, N.Y.
Biography & ThoughtsHello. I hope that this site is still open.... I am currently living in Ilion NY and have decided to give fly fishing a go again This Year after being away and living in Florida until 2010. I was not let down either. after going out and buying a decent flyrod and reel I tied on a fly and sure enough on my first cast fishing in the Ilion Gorge just below the bride on Spinnerville gulf rd I catch a nice 12 rainbow had to be a native because I was informed that the creek only had brookies and speckled. so I decided to fish more and more that day and caught a lot of them that day. anyways I am hoping to meet up with some people here for next yrs run. I am looking to fish more up west cananda and black river. Give me a shout out and maybe we can hook up and share some fish tales

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