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Mayfly Family Baetidae (Blue-Winged Olives)

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This is page 11 of specimens of Baetidae. Visit the main Baetidae page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Baetidae.
  • 10 underwater pictures of Baetidae.

Pictures of 103 Mayfly Specimens in the Family Baetidae:

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Female Baetidae (Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly DunFemale Baetidae (Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly Dun View 3 PicturesThis little gal is of the usual size for Baetid mayflies, around size 20. She came with two tails, but it's kind of hard to transport size 20 mayflies without a little bit of damage.
Collected September 2, 2004 from unknown in New York
Added to by Troutnut on January 25, 2006
Baetidae (Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly NymphBaetidae (Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly Nymph View 3 PicturesThis relatively large early March Baetid nymph has untracheated gills and no bands on its tails.
Collected March 9, 2004 from unknown in Wisconsin
Added to by Troutnut on January 25, 2006
Female Baetis tricaudatus (Blue-Winged Olive) Mayfly SpinnerFemale Baetis tricaudatus (Blue-Winged Olive) Mayfly Spinner View 5 PicturesThis female spinner was deceased when photographed, so the posture is unnatural, but it was a substantial hatch and clearly worth imitating (with wet flies to imitate the sunken ovipositing females) so I went ahead with the photos.

It was collected in association with a male spinner.
Collected September 4, 2020 from Silver Creek in Idaho
Added to by Troutnut on September 18, 2020
Baetis (Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly AdultBaetis (Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly Adult View 1 Pictures
Collected March 1, 2005 from the Jocko River in Montana
Added to by Bnewell on June 28, 2011
Specimen Page:1...891011
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