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Mayfly Family Ameletidae (Brown Duns)

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» Family Ameletidae (Brown Duns)
Genus in AmeletidaeNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
AmeletusBrown Duns1973
Common Name
MatchCommon Name
***Brown Duns
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This is page 2 of specimens of Ameletidae. Visit the main Ameletidae page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Ameletidae.

Pictures of 19 Mayfly Specimens in the Family Ameletidae:

Specimen Page:123
Ameletus celer (Brown Dun) Mayfly NymphAmeletus celer (Brown Dun) Mayfly Nymph View 2 Pictures
Collected July 14, 2011 from Swamp Creek in Oregon
Added to by Bnewell on July 15, 2011
Ameletus (Brown Duns) Mayfly NymphAmeletus (Brown Duns) Mayfly Nymph View 7 PicturesI think this is a pretty early instar (Instar: Many invertebrates molt through dozens of progressively larger and better-developed stages as they grow. Each of these stages is known as an instar. Hard-bodied nymphs typically molt through more instars than soft-bodied larvae.) Ameletus nymph. It's certainly a striking one.
Collected May 6, 2007 from Mongaup Creek in New York
Added to by Troutnut on May 18, 2007
Female Ameletus (Brown Duns) Mayfly SpinnerFemale Ameletus (Brown Duns) Mayfly Spinner View 13 PicturesI found this female already spent (Spent: The wing position of many aquatic insects when they fall on the water after mating. The wings of both sides lay flat on the water. The word may be used to describe insects with their wings in that position, as well as the position itself.) and nearly dead, laying in the surface film of a very tiny spring seep (inch-deep water) in the valley of a very small trout stream.
Collected July 28, 2019 from Mystery Creek #199 in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on July 30, 2019
Male Ameletus (Brown Duns) Mayfly SpinnerMale Ameletus (Brown Duns) Mayfly Spinner View 1 PicturesThis specimen is close to Ameletus vernalis but the wing coloration is missing.
Collected June 10, 2011 from the Touchet River in Washington
Added to by Bnewell on June 26, 2011
Specimen Page:123
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