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Mayfly Genus Rhithrogena

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Species in RhithrogenaNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Rhithrogena futilisWestern Gordon Quill00
Rhithrogena hageniWestern Black Quill00
Rhithrogena impersonataDark Red Quill319
Rhithrogena jejunaDark Red Quill00
Rhithrogena manifesta00
Rhithrogena morrisoniWestern March Brown416
Rhithrogena robusta25
Rhithrogena undulataSmall Western Red Quill00
Rhithrogena virilis529

14 species aren't included.
Pictures Below

This is page 4 of specimens of Rhithrogena. Visit the main Rhithrogena page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Rhithrogena.

Pictures of 25 Mayfly Specimens in the Genus Rhithrogena:

Specimen Page:1234
Female Rhithrogena Mayfly SpinnerFemale Rhithrogena  Mayfly Spinner View 1 Pictures
Collected July 9, 2011 from the Touchet River in Washington
Added to by Bnewell on July 10, 2011
Male Rhithrogena virilis Mayfly SpinnerMale Rhithrogena virilis  Mayfly Spinner View 8 PicturesI'm guessing this is Rhithrogena virilis based on resemblance to a similar specimen collected last year.
Collected June 16, 2018 from the South Fork Snoqualmie River in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on June 23, 2018
Specimen Page:1234
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