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Mayfly Genus Cinygmula (Dark Red Quills)

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Species in CinygmulaNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Cinygmula mimus34
Cinygmula ramaleyiSmall Western Gordon Quill532
Cinygmula reticulataWestern Ginger Quill22
Cinygmula subaequalisSmall Gordon Quill213

6 species aren't included.
Common Name
MatchCommon Name
***Dark Red Quills
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This is page 2 of specimens of Cinygmula. Visit the main Cinygmula page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Cinygmula.

Pictures of 24 Mayfly Specimens in the Genus Cinygmula:

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Cinygmula (Dark Red Quills) Mayfly NymphCinygmula (Dark Red Quills) Mayfly Nymph View 7 PicturesThis very strange nymph appears to be undoubtedly Cinygmula, yet it lacks the telltale protruding mouthparts that usually make that genus so easy to identify.
Collected July 17, 2011 from the Gulkana River in Alaska
Added to by Troutnut on July 20, 2011
Female Cinygmula ramaleyi (Small Western Gordon Quill) Mayfly DunFemale Cinygmula ramaleyi (Small Western Gordon Quill) Mayfly Dun View 7 PicturesThis dun is almost certainly of the same species as this nymph, as it hatched in my cooler from a nearly identical nymph.
Collected July 10, 2011 from Nome Creek in Alaska
Added to by Troutnut on July 13, 2011
Female Cinygmula (Dark Red Quills) Mayfly DunFemale Cinygmula (Dark Red Quills) Mayfly Dun View 6 PicturesThis one was collected in association with a male spinner probably of the same species.
Collected July 1, 2017 from the South Fork Stillaguamish River in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on July 2, 2017
Male Cinygmula ramaleyi (Small Western Gordon Quill) Mayfly SpinnerMale Cinygmula ramaleyi (Small Western Gordon Quill) Mayfly Spinner View 4 PicturesThis one was preserved in ethanol and partially dissected, so it doesn't have its natural wild coloration, and it's missing some appendages. I'm posting it for identification purposes.
Collected September 4, 2015 from Mystery Creek #186 in Alaska
Added to by Troutnut on October 27, 2015
Male Cinygmula ramaleyi (Small Western Gordon Quill) Mayfly AdultMale Cinygmula ramaleyi (Small Western Gordon Quill) Mayfly Adult View 4 PicturesAdults were collected from the North Fork of the Touchet River at Touchet Corral, 21 Sept. One photo is the swarm of males over the stream about 3 PM, air temp about 66 degree.
Collected September 21, 2011 from the Touchet River in Washington
Added to by Bnewell on September 23, 2011
Cinygmula subaequalis (Small Gordon Quill) Mayfly NymphCinygmula subaequalis (Small Gordon Quill) Mayfly Nymph View 3 PicturesI had heard reports of a bright red heptageniid nymph before but never seen one until I found this early instar (Instar: Many invertebrates molt through dozens of progressively larger and better-developed stages as they grow. Each of these stages is known as an instar. Hard-bodied nymphs typically molt through more instars than soft-bodied larvae.) specimen in a very high water quality small stream in the Catskills.
Collected April 19, 2006 from Mongaup Creek in New York
Added to by Troutnut on April 21, 2006
Cinygmula reticulata (Western Ginger Quill) Mayfly NymphCinygmula reticulata (Western Ginger Quill) Mayfly Nymph View 1 PicturesI collected several live specimens of nymphs and reared them to the imago (Imago: The sexually mature adult stage of the mayfly is called the imago by scientists and the spinner by anglers.) stage. They were C. reticulata. The interesting thing is they were collected in May and were emerging along with Rhithrogena (March Brown). This seems to be an overlooked hatch since in some rivers it emerges very early, before runoff.
Collected May 10, 2009 from the Big Thompson River in Montana
Added to by Bnewell on June 26, 2011
Specimen Page:1234
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