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Caddisfly Genus Oligophlebodes (Little Western Dark Sedges)

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» Genus Oligophlebodes (Little Western Dark Sedges)
Species in OligophlebodesNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Oligophlebodes minutaLittle Western Dark Sedge00
Oligophlebodes sierraLittle Western Dark Sedge00
Oligophlebodes sigmaLittle Western Dark Sedge00

4 species aren't included.
Common Name

Where & When

Region: West

Time Of Year (?): August and September

All Oligophlebodes species of significance to fly fishermen occur in the West.

They also occur, but not in significant numbers, in the Midwest.

Hatching Behavior

Time Of Day (?): Midday

Egg-Laying Behavior

Time Of Day: Late afternoon

Females of this genus fall to the surface to lay their eggs.

Larva & Pupa Biology

Shelter Type: Stone
The cased larvae exhibit heavy behavioral drift (Behavioral drift: The nymphs and larvae of many aquatic insects sometimes release their grip on the bottom and drift downstream for a while with synchronized timing. This phenomenon increases their vulnerability to trout just like emergence, but it is invisible to the angler above the surface. In many species it occurs daily, most often just after dusk or just before dawn.) near midday for a couple months before emerging.

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