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Mayfly Species Neocloeon triangulifer

This species is frequently studied by entomologists because its populations are entirely female, and they reproduce by parthenogenesis (Parthenogenesis: In some species of insects and other living things, such as the mayfly species Ameletus ludens, reproduction can take place without fertilization by a male. This process is called parthenogenesis.). Each specimen is a genetic clone of thousands of others, and there are several "lines" of clones. A 2006 study by three entomologists found from 7 to 25 different lines of clones in each of four streams, and they found some identical clones as far apart as 700km.  

Where & When

Region: East

Time Of Year (?): Summer

This species may produce more than one brood per year.

Nymph Biology

Environmental Tolerance: Moderate to highly tolerant of pollution

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