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Caddisfly Genus Molanna (Gray Checkered Sedges)

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» Genus Molanna (Gray Checkered Sedges)
Species in MolannaNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Molanna tryphenaGray Checkered Sedge00
Molanna uniophilaGray Checkered Sedge00

4 species aren't included.
Common Name
MatchCommon Name
***Gray Checkered Sedges
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This genus may be abundant in slow midwestern rivers, although it is not widely regarded as important.  

Where & When

Time Of Year (?): Mid-July to early September

Preferred Waters: Lakes and slow rivers

Hatching Behavior

Pupae emerge on the surface and may take an unusully long time to struggle free of the film.

Egg-Laying Behavior

Females dive to the bottom to oviposit.

Larva & Pupa Biology

Diet: Plant matter, plankton, smaller insects

Substrate: Sand or mud

Shelter Type: Flat rock pieces with a "hood" that covers the head of the insect. LaFontaine in Caddisflies compares its shape to a cobra head.

Pictures of 1 Caddisfly Specimen in the Genus Molanna:

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