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Caddisfly Genus Hesperophylax (Silver Striped Sedges)

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» Genus Hesperophylax (Silver Striped Sedges)
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Hesperophylax designatusSilver Striped Sedge11

5 species aren't included.
Common Names
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These are very large caddisflies, up to 1.3 inches long as adults.  

Where & When

Time Of Year (?): Emergence in summer, egg-laying in fall

Hatching Behavior

Time Of Day (?): Nighttime

Prior to emergence the pupae gather on certain bolders, which concentrates their emergence into specific feeding lanes. They are just the sort of large insect that nocturnal trout like to eat.

Hesperophylax Fly Fishing Tips

LaFontaine notes in Caddisflies that the adults are worth imitating, and they make a good searching pattern (Searching pattern: Any artificial fly pattern used when trout that aren't feeding selectively on anything in particular. A searching pattern may be an attractor or an imitation of something specific that the fish might favor even though it's not currently hatching.), but he does not give specifics about their behavior.

Pictures of 1 Caddisfly Specimen in the Genus Hesperophylax:

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