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Stonefly Genus Doroneuria (Golden Stones)

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» Genus Doroneuria (Golden Stones)
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Doroneuria baumanniGolden Stone115

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This less common western genus currently has only two species. Doroneuria theodora & Doroneuria baumanni (mostly coastal).

Calineuria and Doroneuria nymphs both lack anal gills and can be confused, but Doroneuria has a ridge of fine hairs running down the center of its body dorsally and is not as dramatically marked. The adults often have very short wings and also lack the striking head markings of Calineuria. The adult males have large quadrangular hammers (Hammer: A smooth clearly defined chitinous area on the ventral surface of the ninth abdominal segment of some male stoneflies used for drumming up mates.) that are almost twice as long as wide.

Pictures of 1 Stonefly Specimen in the Genus Doroneuria:

Male Doroneuria baumanni (Golden Stone) Stonefly AdultMale Doroneuria baumanni (Golden Stone) Stonefly Adult View 18 PicturesI found this stonefly on some streamside vegetation. I didn't see any in the air in several hours of fishing.
Collected September 10, 2020 from the Foss River in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on September 19, 2020

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