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Dark Gray-Winged Olive Duns

Scientific Name
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*Baetis flavistriga

This common name refers to only one species.

Mayfly Species Baetis flavistriga

These are very rarely called Dark Gray-Winged Olive Duns.
This is one of the most widespread and abundant Baetis species, and it may produce fishable hatches under a variety of conditions.

This species is known in angling books by several old synonyms (Synonym: A former name of a taxon, usually a species. Entomologists frequently discover that two insects originally described as different species are one in the same, and they drop one of the names. The dropped name is said to be a synonym of the remaining name. These changes take a while to trickle into the common knowledge of anglers; for example, Baetis vagans is now a synonym of Baetis tricaudatus.), including Baetis quebecensus, Baetis levitans, Baetis cingulatus, and Baetis phoebus, in addition to the correct name.
Baetis flavistriga (BWO) Mayfly NymphBaetis flavistriga (BWO) Mayfly Nymph View 1 Pictures
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