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Crayish require no introduction, but their importance to trout is often understated. They are a favorite of many large freshwater gamefish, and trophy trout are no exception.

This common name refers to only one order.

Arthropod Order Decapoda

These are pretty much always called Crayfish.
Like minnows, crayfish are an extremely important food source for large trout. Many feed on nothing else for weeks at a time. Anglers are perpetually on the search for the perfect crayfish imitation, and so far no fly tyer outside the realm of rumor and legend has devised one.
Cambaridae Crayfish JuvenileCambaridae  Crayfish Juvenile View 2 Pictures
Collected January 13, 2004 from in
Added to by on January 25, 2006
Cambaridae Crayfish AdultCambaridae  Crayfish Adult View 4 Pictures
Collected January 31, 2004 from in
Added to by on January 25, 2006
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