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Appalachian Springflies

Scientific Name
MatchScientific Name
****Isogenoides hansoni

This common name refers to only one species.

Stonefly Species Isogenoides hansoni

These are pretty much always called Appalachian Springflies.
Isogenoides hansoni (Appalachian Springfly) Stonefly NymphIsogenoides hansoni (Appalachian Springfly) Stonefly Nymph View 11 PicturesThis large Perlodidae stonefly was a strikingly bright yellow color, more so than any other insect I've seen. I didn't enhance it much. See the discussion threads to follow how we identified this specimen, which was listed incorrectly for several years.
Collected April 19, 2006 from in
Added to by on April 21, 2006
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