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Dark Grannoms

Like most common names, "Dark Grannom" can refer to more than one taxon. For more detail click through to the scientific names.

Caddisfly Species Brachycentrus numerosus

These are often called Dark Grannoms.
In Caddisflies, Gary LaFontaine attributed the famous spring hatch on the Beaverkill (now known as the "Apple Caddis") to this species. After that publication, entomologists described that major hatch as a new species -- Brachycentrus appalachia.

Brachycentrus numerosus is probably still important in many locations.

Caddisfly Species Brachycentrus lateralis

These are sometimes called Dark Grannoms.
Gary LaFontaine describes this as a "sister species" of Brachycentrus numerosus. It is similar in most respects except that it emerges a couple weeks later.

Caddisfly Species Brachycentrus nigrosoma

These are sometimes called Dark Grannoms.
This is a smaller, darker cousin of Brachycentrus numerosus.
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