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Speckled Peters

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This common name refers to only one genus.

Caddisfly Genus Helicopsyche

These are often called Speckled Peters.
See Helicopsyche borealis for details. It is the only important trout stream species in this genus.
Helicopsyche borealis (Speckled Peter) Caddisfly PupaHelicopsyche borealis (Speckled Peter) Caddisfly Pupa View 13 PicturesI'm calling this one very tentatively Helicopsyche borealis, with some big caveats that I might be wrong.

It seems to key fairly easily to Helicopsychidae, except at the last couplet in Merritt & Cummins (5th ed) it's supposed to have “anal processes short and straight, each with several mesal (Mesal: Toward the middle.) setae (Seta: Little hairs on insects.) and 2 long apical (Apical: Close to the apex; tip or end.) setae (Seta: Little hairs on insects.),” whereas this one has VERY short, straight processes with 3 long apical (Apical: Close to the apex; tip or end.) setae (Seta: Little hairs on insects.) and no mesal (Mesal: Toward the middle.) ones.

Additionally, the only species of Helicopsychidae documented in this region is Helicopsyche borealis, which is supposed to emerge much later in the summer.
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Helicopsyche borealis (Speckled Peter) Caddisfly AdultHelicopsyche borealis (Speckled Peter) Caddisfly Adult View 7 PicturesThis one keys pretty easily to the Helicopsychidae family, of which there is only one genus in North America, and one species reported in this general area.
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